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Why Sell on Taigan


Whether planning to add to their personal collections or searching for distinguished gifts, Taigan shoppers seek unique design, fine craftsmanship and sophisticated items that reflect their personal style. Taigan responds to its shoppers’ diverse interests with an exclusive array of specialty online boutiques, offering prestigious designer apparel & accessories for men/women/children, keepsake gifts, antique & custom-designed jewelry, decorative and vintage home décor, linens & fine stationery, meticulously crafted leisure and sporting life items & gourmet food.

  • Taigan shops control their own inventory, pricing and return policies.
  • Taigan is committed to preserving the individuality of each shop and designer; your brand is protected, and not diluted by discounts. The association with other unique and exclusive purveyors ensures that your hard-earned brand equity is maintained.
  • Taigan is not a discount site, but a showcase where talented vendors sell wonderful items at retail prices.
  • Taigan is the place to find “the new”, “the latest”, “the most unique”… not “the mass-produced” or “loss-leader” discount items.
  • Taigan’s shopper base is highly qualified and returns again and again to discover new shops. Taigan shops enjoy a group of “like-minded” shoppers.
  • Taigan’s proven distribution model gives you access to expanded markets without leaving your shop or expending additional marketing dollars.


 “The best” enjoy the privilege of being distinguished for their unique market niche, a fundamental of Taigan’s concept and mission. See what some of our shops sayabout us.

To inquire about joining Taigan–the best collection of boutiques online–please complete our online application.