How Does Taigan Select Shops & Designers to Participate?

Our highly selective review process means Taigan invites just over 3% of all inquiries to participate.

In a sea of online clutter, Taigan is a curated marketplace of shops, designers and items that, our shoppers agree, are among the best in the world. As a result, our selection process is exactly that: selective. Based on our shop criteria, Taigan historically has approved just over 3% of all inquiries to join the site.

Taigan identifies prospective new shops and designers via online inquiries from interested boutiques and designers, from shopper suggestions and leads from our team members, and from vendor referrals. Every opportunity is vetted, regardless of its source.

New shops and designers are hand-selected with a focus on:

  • Success history
  • Depth, quality & integrity of items for sale
  • Consistent and fantastic customer service
  • Word-of-mouth referrals about the shopping experience
  • Appeal to Taigan shoppers – will store succeed in our marketplace?
  • Strength in category/items relative to the overall context of Taigan

Steps in the Taigan Vetting/Selection Process:

New shops and designers are hand-selected with a focus on:

  • Inquiry/ scouting report/ referral received
  • Taigan submits request for samples* & additional information
  • Vetting & samples review
  • Invitation to present on Taigan (if approved)

*Samples are promptly returned once the vetting process is complete

Completion of our vetting process typically takes 7 days from receipt of samples and any additional requested information.

If you have previously submitted a request to join Taigan’s collection of the best online shopping sites, please contact us at for a status update.