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Selected Trims (1 Unit/25 Lbs)


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Pieces of the best lean Ibericus meat, knife chopped in little blocks. It is ideal for cooking giving powerful Ibericus flavors and aromas.

Ample size
Red Color
Matte gloss
Steady tender
High Juicy
Medium marbling
Mighty flavor

Size: Ample
Weight: 25.00 lb/unit approx

Anatomical Name: MEAT MIX

Store info


Acornseekers is the first company to raise Iberian Pigs out of the Iberian Peninsula, in the United States, being the unique one in applying the same traditional methods used in Spain. Acornseekers' pigs graze freely among the beautiful live oak trees in the southern United States. Towards the final chapter of their lives, these pigs eat around 15 pounds of acorns per day. A rarity about these pigs is they have the ability to infiltrate acorn-oil on their meat while they do exercise looking for food. The acorns give a unique flavor and extraordinary healthy properties, making this meat one of the most precious in the world.

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