Ali Grace Jewelry

New York, NY

Ali Grace Jewelry

New York, NY


Ali Grace is a jewelry designer from Newport Beach, California, currently residing in New York City. From its pristine beaches to the crystal blue waters and picturesque sunsets, growing up on the California coast has significantly impacted and inspired Ali’s designs.

Ali has been designing and hand-making jewelry for as long as she can remember. Prior to the launch of her namesake company, as a young girl, Ali sold her designs to her mother’s friends in the neighborhood. The young girl’s talent and entrepreneurial spirit enamored the women.

Ali’s creations are filled with organic textures and rich colors. Each piece is handcrafted with sterling silver, gold, diamonds, natural stones and brass.

Opal Earrings from Ali Grace Jewelry on Taigan

Opal Earrings

Brass Cuff from Ali Grace Jewelry on Taigan

Brass Cuff

Opal Twist Ring from Ali Grace Jewelry on Taigan

Opal Twist Ring


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Ali Grace Jewelry
43 East 10th Street 3H New York NY 10003

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