Hound Red Feather Bow Tie


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Looking for rustic earth tones in your Brackish bow tie? If so, this is not for you. Nominated for most overall color by a Brackish product, the Hound will most certainly turn some heads upon its next appearance around your neck. This vibrant addition to the Brackish stable features an average of 75 hand layered natural red feathers (never dyed) and a high quality houndstooth wrap. Versatile, bright and primary: kick it up a notch with the Hound.
*Every bow tie will have a slight color variation because of the handpicked feathers. No two are identical. The basic feather design is the same.
Packaged with care instructions in closed top wooden storage box wrapped in burlap. Bow tie is wrap around adjustable hook on style up to 20"

Available in color red

Product care

Try not to ruffle any feathers! If this occurs, spritz the feathers with an alcohol based hairspray 8" from the bow tie and lay feathers down with one finger outward.

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Men's Original Feather Bow Ties. Purveyor of Conversations. Handmade Craftsmanship. All of our products are handcrafted in our workshop in Charleston, SC. All components and materials obtained from the USA.

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Each Item is hand crafted for you so please allow 3 days for the processing of your order and up to two weeks for the creation of your personalized Bow Tie. Once your Bow Tie is created, we will ship out UPS in the shipping method you selected.


14 days. shipping and handling is non refundable.


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