Brackish Bow Ties

Charleston, SC

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Brackish Bow Ties

Charleston, SC


Our Story:
It all started with a simple problem: Finding the perfect groomsmen gift.

In 2007, before Ben Ross' wedding, he was looking for a unique and personal gift for each of his groomsmen. Growing up in and around the outdoors of South Carolina, Ben handcrafted the first turkey feather bow ties for his wedding. They were instantly a hit. The ties combined authentic style and nature while being unique, personal, and one of a kind.

Fast forward to 2012, when Ben and one of those groomsmen, Jeff Plotner, were given the rare opportunity to pursue a passion. Taking a remarkable idea and making it accessible to many others, Ben and Jeff founded Brackish.

Simply put, we are redefining the traditional bow tie. The Brackish bow tie itself has now built a new tradition. Our customers make a statement, and are recognized for it. Whether it be at a wedding, awards ceremony, or a mul...




Each Item is hand crafted for you so please allow 3 days for the processing of your order and up to two weeks for the creation of your personalized Bow Tie. Once your Bow Tie is created, we will ship out UPS in the shipping method you selected.


14 days. shipping and handling is non refundable.


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Where do you make your products?

All of our products are handcrafted in our workshop in Charleston, SC. All components and materials obtained from the USA.

We are always striving to create, innovate, and improve. Our ties have gone through countless transformations since their inception to maximize quality and durability. We have developed a proprietary process that enables a functional existence while still portraying its natural beauty. Take care of your tie and it will last a lifetime!

How does Brackish obtain their feathers?

NO BIRD HAS BEEN HARMED FOR THEIR FEATHERS. Brackish obtains all feathers as humanely as possible. When birds molt, they drop old feathers naturally in preparation for new feathers coming in for replacement. When possible, the feathers are obtained in this manner. In other instances, feathers are obtained through farmers who raise free range birds. The feathers are usually simply thrown away as a waste product, but Brackish sustainably reuses them.

Each feather is held to an extremely high standard. All are in pristine condition and we hand select every feather we use for our products.