Ethiopia Hachira Suntable No. 1


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FLAVOR NOTES: Dark, ripe berries; sandalwood; fresh Italian herbs; honey

One of our four Ninety Plus Suntable selections, these coffee lots are the elite from a producer so small and exclusive we’ve pledged confidentiality. Originating in the Gedeo Zone of southwest Ethiopia, the coffees traveled through the city of Yirgacheffe and departed the port of Djibouti on the Horn of Africa en route to our roaster. Although the Suntable coffees are harvested from adjacent parcels, sometimes even neighboring trees, by keeping the cherries of each lot separate from the point of picking, through processing and final drying on their raised African drying bed or “suntable,” each of these sibling coffees expresses an identity all its own.

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At Demours, we are global caretakers of the finest coffee. Of all the coffee in the world, one percent is considered specialty grade. Of this superior coffee, only one percent can be deemed Café Privé Sélect, an exquisite selection that is the sole domain of Demours.

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