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FLAVOR NOTES: Bright citrus;,very finessed and silky; powerful blocks of flavor with cherry, caramel and dark chocolate

Most of the world’s shade-grown coffees are harvested from coffee trees that dwell on steep volcanoes and mountain slopes, a rarity in Brazil where there is a vast amount of more accessible land for coffee planting. However, through an unusual experiment, tucked in the hills 500 miles from São Paulo, this coffee grows in the shade of indigenous Inga trees. Interspersed amongst the coffee trees, the Ingas provide shade for the ripening fruit as well as restful perches for southern migrating birds. This unique situation results in a coffee so dense and lush that it was destined to be a primary contributor to the first Demours espresso blend — Le Rêve.

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At Demours, we are global caretakers of the finest coffee. Of all the coffee in the world, one percent is considered specialty grade. Of this superior coffee, only one percent can be deemed Café Privé Sélect, an exquisite selection that is the sole domain of Demours.

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