Small Rock Sugar & Creamer

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The Small Rock was inspired by the irregular shape of river stones. Worn smooth from the movement of the river water, the shape remains irregular. The Small Rock Sugar and Creamer turns a coffee break or teatime into a special event.

Bisque outside, high gloss glaze inside. Available in Lotus and Tar colors.

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The Shifting Sands Collection was inspired by the native philosophy that we are all connected on this Earth. Nature is not separate from us but a part of us. Surrounded by the natural world brings wholeness and serenity into our lives. Each item in the collection is an interpretation of something we may see or experienced in the wild. Every piece is hand finished to be visually unique and appeal to the senses. Imperfection is intentional. Simplicity is its essence. The artisanal touch takes us away from our mass produced world.

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