Melissa Braniff Designs

Houston, TX

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Melissa Braniff Designs

Houston, TX


Melissa Braniff of Houston showcases her design talent in this fine jewelry boutique. Incorporating rare and ancient coins, she creates rings, necklaces, cuff bracelets and bangles that don't just make a statement, they connect us to history. Inquiries about custom orders are welcome.

Shipping & Returns



Unless the item is a custom pieces, orders generally ship out within 1 to 3 business days upon receipt of payment.

Shipping & Handling rates are based on where it is being shipped, and the desired speed of delivery.

A certificate of authenticity will accompany each purchase


Due to the customized nature of each unique piece we do not accept returns

Our Guarantee
It is our guarantee that all the coins used in our jewelry pieces are authentic. We purchase our coins from certified antiquity dealers and numismatic experts.

We guarantee the craftsmanship of each jewelry piece. A certificate of authenticity will accompany each purchase.

In the event repair is needed we are more than happy to assess the situation.


Melissa Braniff Designs
33 Carolane Trail Houston TX 77024

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