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Diamond Aztec Cuff


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Sterling silver cuff with aztec inspired engraving
Central pave and sliced diamond button
3" wide

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Welcome to S. Carter’s online shop on Taigan. Shop the latest designs from the artistry of designers Sarah Carter Hovis and Sally Carter Evans Hovis. Their creations are inspired by their passion for all things wild and exotic in nature. From alligator teeth to snake vertebrae, their designs incorporate truly unique elements. The use of diamonds and 14K gold to embellish their exceptional handmade pieces presents a style of dramatic, rugged elegance. Each piece is handcrafted and a genuine work of art. Scroll down to shop our full collection, and watch the site for Free Shipping promotions!

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Orders generally ship out within 1 to 5 business days upon receipt of payment.


We strive for customers to be completely happy with their purchases. We are happy to assist with questions and details about all items. Due to the nature or our inventory we have a strict return policy. We must be notified with 2 days of receipt of product if you have an issue.

Many of our materials (mother of pearl, shell, bone, tusks, arrowheads, ooisk, teeth, etc.) are fragile and will most likely break, shatter, crack etc. if dropped or swing up against a hard surface (rock, granite, marble, etc). We recommend wearing mother of pearl short for this reason. Please handle all pieces with care! Thank you!

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